Zalman Z11 Plus

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Zalman Z11 Plus

Post by Beddah on Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:36 am

Link: Zalman Z11 Plus
Price: 69.44$

The front mesh bay cover provides cool air into the system while dust filters prevent dust from entering. Up to 7 system fans are installed to expel hot air effectively from the case. Interactive Cooling System : Hot air generated from HDD is expelled through both sides. Cooling Performance is maximized for HDD cooling, and the overall PC exhaust is increased. For user convenience, Top air vents expel exhaustive air from the top cooling fan. In addition, translucent acryl vents are effective for tuning. Dynamic Side Acryl Tuning is provided for users to view the interior of gaming system. I/O module provides dual USB 3.0 ports for user convenience and expandability. Dust filters in the front and bottom mesh covers prevent dust from entering the system and keep the internal components dust-free. When installing VGA Card and PCI Slot, the bracket can be used permanently. Z11 Plus supports bottom PSU installation and provides an aperture for cable management to make better use of interior space. The interior of chassis is coated black to provide a sense of unity and elegant design. Anti-Vibration Rubber prevents noise and also keeps the system safe from water or other liquid.


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