Zalman Z11 NEO ATX Mid Tower Case

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Zalman Z11 NEO ATX Mid Tower Case

Post by Beddah on Tue Jun 14, 2016 10:48 am

Link: Zalman Z11 Neo
Price: 79.99$

Strong cooling performance with low noise thanks to Zalman Cooling Solution. HDD bay emits the heated air on both sides and maximizes its cooling function that the Case can provide. 5 basic standard fans. 3 more fans can be installed on front/top/bottom vents. PSU located on the bottom for improvement of air flow and cooling performance. Spacious room for dual radiator water cooler installation. With brushed aluminum style frontal door and SFX styled top Air Vent gives off dynamic feel. Transparent Acryl side to show internal system. One touch Sliding ODD door for simpler design. Dust filter applied on top& bottom. USB 3.0 on Frontal Part (Top), Audio Port, Convenience enhanced by relocating power and reset button. Can install and uninstall up to 8 HDD max without any additional tools. High Specification VGA card can be installed within 400mm size maximum. Up to 8 ODD/HDD/SSD, 175mm tall CPU Cooler, dual radiator water cooler can be installed. CPU Cooler installing hole on M/B CPU part so that M/B doesn't need to be separated when replacing CPU cooler. Also cable hole for organizing cables. Rubber pods applied on the bottom of the case and power supply to prevent slipping and noise. Great expandability with 7 PCI slots.


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